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Medical oxygen and medical gases (2)

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Changing care. With you.

The challenges of patient care are constantly changing and it is your responsibility to deliver improved patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care and increasing efficiencies in a more sustainable way. We must all work to ensure the safety and well-being of the patients trusted to your care, as well as keeping your team safe when using medical gas duringtreatment.

What’s challenging you today?

  1. Managing gas supply and inventory
  2. Forecasting medical gas use accurately
  3. Improving safety and compliance
  4. Reducing waste and emissions associated with medical gas use


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Face healthcare’s major challenges with a reliable medical gassupply

Air Liquide, along with Airgas Healthcare, recently conducted research of global healthcare providers to understand confidence in their supply of medical gases and related equipment afterCOVID.

We learned that, in times of both calm and crisis, healthcare providers want a simple and dependable gas supply. Airgas Healthcare is committed to providing secure gas supply and a variety of tools to improve gas management in an efficient and sustainable way. So instead of focusing on your gas supply, you can focus on yourpatients.

Always There

to simplify your medical gas supply

Medical oxygen and medical gases (6)

Airgas is always there, in times of calm and crisis, providing reliable supply and seamless onsite gas management in a sustainable way so healthcare providers can focus on advancing patientcare."

Fred Manley, Vice President of Life Sciences & HealthcareMarkets

Reliable Supply no matter what

Your patients deserve reliable gas supply. We are always there for you, bringing peace of mind by making medical gases accessible when you needthem.

Simplifying gas management and use

You deserve safe gas supply. Airgas Healthcare can help you safely simplify medical gas usage and management, combining the best of gas technology and expertise with highly committedteams.

Reaching carbon neutrality

We must all contribute. We can help you abate carbon emissions from bulk medical oxygen and nitrogen, from production tousage.

Talk to us about your medical gassupply

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Medical gas, equipment and services to make the healthcare system more efficient andsafe

ECO ORIGIN™certified low-carbon bulk liquid oxygen and nitrogen EZ-GAZ™digital gas pressure monitoring service INTELLI-OX+™mobile medical oxygen TOTAL GAS MANAGEMENT™on-site gas management ULSPIRA™ Solutiona complete nitric oxide therapy offering WOB+™mobile medical gases

Medical oxygen and medical gases (13)

Medical gases, including medical oxygen, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide, in a variety of supply modes that are available nearyou

Medical oxygen and medical gases (14)

Safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep you and your patientssafe

Medical oxygen and medical gases (15)

Gas handling accessories and equipment to safely deliver your medical-gradegases

Medical oxygen and medical gases (16)

Simple and sustainable gas supply to help reduce your carbon footprint, ECO ORIGIN is available for bulk liquid oxygen and nitrogen

Medical oxygen and medical gases (17)

A network of specialists is available — with expertise in gas, equipment and respiratory therapy as well as environmental, health and safety (EHS)

Medical oxygen and medical gases (18)

Get visibility, control and savings with more supply chainsolutions

Wherever you care for patients, we are there

Emergency Medical Services Hospitals + Medical Centers Long-term Care Facilities Medical + Dental Practices Respiratory CriticalCare Veterinary Practices

Learn more about what matterstoyou

Overview of Airgas Healthcare Download the Brochure

Medical oxygen and medical gases (26)

Always there for healthcare providers

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Medical oxygen and medical gases (27)

Transformation of healthcare

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Medical oxygen and medical gases (28)

Medical gases throughout the hospital care path

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Medical oxygen and medical gases (29)

INTELLI-OX+ medical oxygen cylinder training

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Medical oxygen and medical gases (30)

Safely using, handling and storing compressedgas

Unlock the eBook Series

Medical oxygen and medical gases (31)

Safely using, handling and storing compressedgas

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Take the worry out of managing gas and usage in yourfacility Download the Brochure Avoid gas runout with digital pressure monitoring for cylinders Download the Brochure PPE and safety products to help keep your teamsafe Shop the Collection

Medical oxygen and medical gases (35)

Are you ready to change to bulk gas supply?

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Breathe easier: Avoid medical-grade gas runouts Read the Article

Focus more on patient care.

We'll focus on your medical gases. Find out how we can help you with your gas supply needs andmore.

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Medical oxygen and medical gases (2024)
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