Logitech Powerplay Review – Total Gaming Addicts (2024)

  • Manufacturer: Logitech
  • Model: Powerplay
  • Type: QI Charging Mousemat
  • Supplied by: Logitech
Logitech Powerplay Review – Total Gaming Addicts (1)

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With POWERPLAY and LIGHTSPEED technology integrated, Logitech G has solved the barriers to high performance wireless gaming. Input lag, wireless drops and dead batteries are now a thing of the past. Wireless is the future of PC gaming, made possible through advanced science and unrivaled engineering.
POWERPLAY provides endless play by keeping your compatible Logitech G mouse charged at all times, even while you game.
Logitech G invented LIGHTSPEED wireless technology to deliver the ultimate in high-performance wireless gaming.
The included POWERCORE module enables compatible wireless mice for POWERPLAY. It works with the G903, and G703 wireless gaming mice. Easily swap in the magnetic POWERCORE module and you’re ready to wirelessly charge.
POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System
The G logo lights up in brilliant LIGHTSYNC RGB color that responds to in-game action in many titles. Use Logitech G HUB and set your lighting color and animations with up to 16.8 million colors. You can even synchronize lighting effects with Logitech G keyboards, speakers, and headsets for a unified look and feel.
Tune your performance with your surface of choice. We include both our cloth and hard pads so you can customize and swap interchangeably. POWERPLAY will suit your style right out of the box.

Hard Gaming Mouse Pad (G440)
Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
USB cable
User documentation

The Logitech Powerplay is a wireless charging mouse pad and receiver that pairs with the G703 or G903 Logitech Lightspeed mice. I have had the absolute pleasure of using the Powerplay paired with the G903 and it has been beyond amazing.

The Powerplay in its base form is a decent sized rubber mat with a large plastic connection point at the top left of it. This is where the Power play is connected to the PC. It features a slot for one of Logitech’s reinforced micro USB cables and thanks to the Power Play acting as both receiver and charger for your mouse, it also has the benefit of freeing up a USB slot on your computer.

There is one small light on the mousepad side and a large illuminated G logo on top that can be customized with the G Hub software. The small white light it has on the mousepad side is a charging indicator; when it is illuminated it means the mouse is on the pad and charging.

The power play comes with 2 perfectly sized mouse pads, one that is made of Logitech’s soft glide fabric and one with a hardened plastic surface. This is where my one issue comes into play. While using the PowerPlay with the included mousepads I would frequently end up with the mousepad pulled towards me and half off the power play. There just isn’t enough friction between the Powerplay base mat and the mouse pads to prevent this slippage. I’m sure a small piece of double-sided tape or an adjustment to the way I hold and use my mouse would fix this, but it’s disappointing they haven’t engineered a more secure way of attaching the included mousepads.

Whilst experimenting with different mouse pads, I discovered I was able to slide the power play under my G840 XL gaming pad and it would still work and charge. The convenient charging indicator acts as a handy visual cue to let me know when I am on the charging area of the pad. If you are only using the pad for charging, this a handy alternative use, however, if you use the Powerplay as a receiver, with a non-standard sized mouse pad it’s easy to move outside of the receiver’s operational area.

Logitech does not officially state the Powerplay is compatible with other pads, however, I have used other pads and it works for me. If you do try this, it is at your own risk.

Another experiment I tried quickly was to see if it would also charge my phone. I knew it was unlikely, but worth a try. It did not.

The overall design of the Powerplay is as you would expect, similar in layout and appearance to most RGB mouse pads, albeit without the RGB and with wireless charging instead. The positioning of the hub could be improved, though. My preference for powered mouse pads is for the hub to be centralised, as this allows you more flexibility in your setup. It doesn’t affect functionality, but when accounting for left-handed users or different setups, it does make cable management slightly more awkward. This is likely to be subjective, though, and depends on personal preference and your own setup.

The Power Play also acts as the receiver for the mouse connected to it. Compatible mice have a small circular plate on the bottom that can be switched for the included magnetic Powercore module. Once you have installed the Powercore, simply pop the mouse on the Powerplay and it is ready to go. It’s an incredibly convenient solution, and also frees up an additional USB port. In use, the receiver was consistently responsive, maintaining a stable connection throughout all my testing.


The Powerplay is the ideal accessory for anyone who owns or is purchasing a compatible wireless mouse. It affords you all of the convenience of wireless with no need to rely on a physical charging connection, and thanks to Lightspeed wireless, you still maintain a 1ms response rate.

Logitech Powerplay Review – Total Gaming Addicts (2024)
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