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About Freedom National

At Freedom National, we have been providing our customers with access to cheap online auto insurance customized to their unique needs since 1999. We combine the highest quality auto insurance on the market with some of the most competitive rates and outstanding customer service to deliver the ideal experience. You get the protection you need for peace of mind, at a price you can easily afford.

Use ouronline quote featureto get started. Our hassle-free purchase process allows you to buy a policy online and print ID cards instantly.

Our Services

The auto insurance industry has changed very little over the last century or so. FreedomNational is different, though. We’re proud to be an innovative industry leader,refining our products constantly so that they always meet our customers’ needsand go beyond their expectations.

So what do we do? Just one thing: we deliver cheap online auto insurance that can becustomized to meet your specific requirements.

    • Needhigh-riskdrivercoverage? No problem.
    • Need anSR-22 filed?We can do that.
    • Need basic carinsurance that meetsyour state’s minimum coverage requirements? Wecan help.

    From basicliability coverage to collision and comprehensive coverage, plus value-addedextras like rental reimbursem*nt and uninsured motorist coverage, FreedomNational offers the services you need for safety and peace of mind.

    Of course, wego above and beyond. If you have ever tried to compare quotes from variousinsurers, you know firsthand how difficult it can be. We take the pain out of theprocess of getting the car insurance you need at a price you can afford.

    Ready to find out how much you can save on car insurance?Get a freequote now.

    What Makes Freedom StandOut?

    Our main goalis to provide the cheap online auto insurance you need without sacrificingcoverage or security. However, we stand out from the competition in a number ofways:

    Low DownPayment – Many insurers promise low premiums, but they demand a high downpayment to access those savings. We’re different. We offer a low down paymentfor even high-risk drivers.

    The Terms YouNeed – Many insurance companies require you to purchase protection for a fullyear, and some require the premiums to be paid in full. What if your needs aredifferent, though? We offer six-month terms so our customers have additionalflexibility.

    Beyond PersonalInsurance – We realize that small business owners and artisans who use theirvehicles for work also need cheap online auto insurance, so we're happy to workwith you to find the right coverage for business or artisan use.

    Do It AllOnline – Once upon a time, everything had to be done in person. Technology haschanged that, but many insurers have yet to catch up. We believe in making theinsurance experience and fast and easy as possible, which means we let you doit all online, from your initialfree quoteto policy changes to payingyour premiums.

    Acceptance – Weare happy to accept international drivers, drivers with suspended licenses, anddrivers with out of state licenses.

    There When YouNeed Us – Our claims handling process is second to none, but we also believe inbeing there when you need us in other situations. We offer optional 24-hourroadside assistance coverage so that no matter when an emergency might strike,you have somewhere to turn.

    Our Process

    We believe thatgetting cheap online auto insurance should be as simple and hassle-free aspossible. We designed our process to ensure that. How does it work? It’s easy!Just follow a couple of basic steps:

    1. Get afree,instantonline quoteon your insurance coverage.
    2. Choose theperfect amount of coverage for your needs and budget.
    3. Sign up withFreedom National online and get the peace of mind you deserve.
    4. Pay yourpremiums your way, using one of our many payment options:
      • Pay up frontand save
      • Sign up forauto-pay for hassle-free recurring payments
      • Pay in monthlyinstallments online or by phone using your credit/debit card or online check,or by mail or through Western Union if you prefer

    It’s reallythat simple. No hoops to jump through, and no hassles to deal with. Just theprotection you need, the security that you deserve, and flexible paymentoptions that work with your budget.

    Putting You in Control

    All too often,consumers find themselves in the passenger seat, feeling like they can't controlimportant areas of their lives. Freedom National is different. In addition toproviding you with cheap online auto insurance, we also put you back in thedriver’s seat with our online policy management tool. Simply log into youraccount and you can easily:

      • Access andprint policy documents
      • Make changes toyour insurance policy
      • Pay your billand view your payment history
      • Report a claimor follow up on an existing claim

    While we arehappy to talk with you in person, our online tools are available 24/7, so youhave the control you need when you need it. There’s no need to wait for theoffice to open – simply log in and do what you need.

    Ready to take control of your insurance? Get a free,instantquotetoday.

    What Areas Does Freedom Serve?

    At FreedomNational, we are proud to offer cheap online auto insurance for residentsofGeorgia,Arizona, andUtah.We have extensive knowledge of each state’s insurance requirements, helping toensure that you’re able to get the perfect level of coverage.

    Your Partner

    At FreedomNational, we go beyond offering cheap online auto insurance. We want to be yourpartner. Our goal is to be by your side throughout your life, whether you wantthe peace of mind that comes from having the ideal level of insuranceprotection, or you need a helping hand after an auto accident.

    How Can Freedom Help You Save?

    How can FreedomNational offer cheap online auto insurance? How do we ensure that you are ableto save money without sacrificing protection? It’s simple. We go the extramile. Not only do we offer some of the most affordable coverage in theindustry, but we also provide a wide range of discounts to help you save evenmore money!

    Ready to findout how cheap online auto insurance can be?Get a freequote now.

    About Freedom National Insurance | Freedom National (2024)
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